Was Hitler Good Or Bad

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When people think of Hitler, they think of the most hate-filled man in history. When people think of the French Revolution, they think of a crazed boycott of the Palace of Versailles. When people think of all the negativity in history, it is derived from some sort of external source. This external source is the corruption of society. Many have witnessed the severities of the tyrants of history, and often jump to the conclusion humanity is simply evil, however, many disregard the factors that play into the formation of such hate-filled monsters. The severities of such hate-filled tyrants will continue to occur, unless we do something about society. Although human nature is naturally good due to the standards society sets for individuals, it …show more content…
Hitler, desiring to reach the norms set by society was a victim of society. It is evident that Hitler committed a multitude of heinous actions, however, Hitler, like many was once a kind, pure person who simply experienced too many negative events which influenced his mindset, transforming the kindness into jealousy and eventual hatred, desiring to void his anger through the persecution of the Jewish people. Hitler was truly born into the wrong time, he was exposed to corruption very early into his life, in addition the societal norm during the era he was born into was incredulously high due to the desire of Germany to emerge as a world power. Human nature at heart is good, but due to the high standards society sets, humans become corrupt. Hitler was corrupted by this high standard and blamed the Jewish people for his failures in life, his true hatred derived from jealousy and society. Hitler, due to the harsh conditions he was raised in was not exposed to power, however, the moment he grasped power, he immediately took advantage of it used it for his own self-benefit. The desire to grasp power caused Hitler to grow mad and commit heinous actions, such as an attempt to purge the Jewish population. In addition, the French

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