The Wife Of Bath, By Saint Thomas Beckett Essay

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In the 21st century, it is evident that sexual innuendos do not have a place in religion and that fact was no different in the 14th century. The Wife of Bath is the enigma of every century when it comes to religion and sexuality, especially the one in which she exists. She manages to maintain both religious and sexual personas. The Wife of Bath’s Prologue includes both religious and sexual elements even though they are in direct conflict with each other. It also utilizes both religious quotes and sexual innuendos in an effort to better represent what the character is actually like and the paradox in which she defies some social norms while conforming to others. Religion, particularly Catholicism, played a huge role in the lives of people in the 14th century. In fact, asking for a miracle from the “holy, blessed martyr”, Saint Thomas Beckett, is the whole point of the pilgrimage to Canterbury (Chaucer, GP, 17). The Wife of Bath Prologue tells of the many religious journeys the Wife has already taken before traveling to Canterbury. This in conjunction with her knowledge and use of the bible verses produces more evidence to support the enigma that is the Wife. In addition to her knowledge of the Bible, she also references God at the beginning of her sentences. “By God, from that, he doesn’t have any less light” (Chaucer, WoBP, 335). Her references may seem informal; however, one of the most important rules of Catholicism is that one should not take the name of the Lord in…

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