Essay about The White Man 's Burden

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cultural norms of a nation or region by a much “advanced” nation with access to superior weapons. The ideology of superiority can be seen in Rudyard Kipling’s poem, The White Man 's Burden, in which he called on the “white” European nations, and the United States, to educate and help those “sullen peoples [that were] half-devil and half-child” of the world, for it was their obligation to take on this “thankless” burden. For years, Europeans had believed that they were truly the superior being, civilizing the primitive people of the world. This way of thinking lulled them into a virtual reality where they could beat anyone and anything. Nationalism was another theme that could explain why people thought the way they did. Nationalism was the belief that a certain nation was above all others and wanting to promote their culture and interests on opposing nations. In his interest to show strength for German expansion, Kaiser Wilhelm II delivered the Hun Speech, telling his soldiers to behave like the Huns, whom they have descended from, and invade China with the same ferocity, so“no Chinese will ever again dare to look crossed-eyed at a German.” The title of world superpower was being challenged by Germany, who was becoming an economical powerhouse and building up their military, both on land and sea, in order to assert its claim for their “Day in the Sun.” This galvanized the British people to come together and defend their nation from those brutal Hun, whom threaten the very…

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