Essay about The Whaling Of Endangered Species Of Whales

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1. I do agree with the Norwegian and Japanese position on permitting the hunting of non-endangered species of whales as a cultural exemption. These two countries claimed that whaling made up an important part of their cultural legacy and I feel that these countries have the right to preserve this cultural legacy as long as certain conditions are met. The conditions that I believe should be met are conditions such as the whales that are being hunted must be a non-endangered species of whale and that these whales must only be hunted in moderate portions. These conditions would basically make it hard for the species of whales in these two countries to become endangered and makes it possible for these two countries to be able to preserve their cultural legacy. These two countries should be allowed to hunt whales as long as they are being reasonable about it and have a reason to do it because hunting whales just to kill them or for sport are both stupid reasons to hunt whales compared to hunting whales to eat or for commercial purposes.

2. I do think that the whaling ban constitutes a violation of the sovereignty of these nations.

3. I feel like these kinds of questions about cultural exemptions should be settled by asking an international panel such as the trade and environment committee at the World Trade Organization to weigh the validity of the claims that Norway and Japan have made about Whaling. The people that should serve on such a panel should be people such as…

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