The Wehling: A Short Story

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3 gunshots rang, as Mrs. Wehling woke with her triplets to find that she had the police at her her door waiting to tell her that her husband had just sacrificed his life and the life of Dr. Hitz and Leora Duncan . The widow Wehling was the headlines in every newspaper, Amber Wehling had just been released from the hospital just to see herself in every headline in the news, internet newspaper, and any other form of news transportation, and that drove her to wanting revenge.

Thirteen years later. Amber and her triplets, Sofie, Jorge, and James were all still in shock as their name appeared in the headlines one more time with the subtitle that said that “ The Wehling case has just popped up one more time as the authorities are now questioning that the family might be guilty as well.” “ Could we be guilty, is it our fault could it, would it... is it ? “, said Sofie one of the twins, Amber had no way to respond to Sofie knowing that her husband had been keeping a gun in his room but unknowing he would commit such an action. “ No, none of you are guilty I promise”. Knock Knock, their was someone at the door, it was a police. The police had took all 4 of them to jail, and they told her the only way that she could get out was to become one of the
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She showed up the next morning to work as she did the next 6 years and 11 months . 3 days left until she could finally get her 20 year old kids out of jail, there was only one thing to do was find a way to get revenge on the hospital as she believed that it was the doctor's fault for provoking her late husband. On the last day of her service she had 3 more people to take care of, as she walked into the hospital doors an argument broke out with the father of some twins who didn't have the correct amount of volunteers, so the babies had to die. She was caught inside the argument and had gotten shot by the man holding the

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