The Way Of The Wordsmith Essay

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The Way of the Wordsmith
By Keenan D. Davis

Nicholas Lemann’s interview; and subsequent critique of Frank Luntz’s methodology, highlighted both the simplicity and complexity of finding the right words to effectively persuade individuals not of a similar mindset. The ultimate assumption being the naivety of the individual targeted for persuasion. If one has an informed opinion on a subject it is harder to manipulate their understanding of it with empty rhetoric. Too often the general public will elect officials who implement policies based on their presentation rather than effectiveness or benefit. However history has shown us repeatedly that the vast majority of potential constituents rarely truly grasp the magnitude of the policies and politicians they endorse or oppose. A growing portion of the population began to gain consciousness in regard to the detrimental effect of “Global Warming”. This spike in collective awareness proved worrisome and problematic to the political agendas of certain individuals. Candidates under the guidance of Mr. Luntz were advised to use the term “Climate Change” as it elicited a less visceral response from constituents. This change in vernacular affected the issue in terms of public perception but failed to provide or inspire tangible change in actually addressing the issue and effect of “Climate Change”. At the behest of Mr. Luntz, while campaigning for office, Hillary Clinton embarked on a ‘Listening Tour’ of New York. In…

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