The Dangers Of Emotion In George Orwell's 1984

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Emotion is an essential part of being human, it allows for us formulate opinions, interpret information create relationships and be a compassionate member of society. In 1984, there is great exploration into how the state exercises total control over its citizens and the dangers that follow having government power go unchecked and unquestioned. Orwell displays the importance of emotion in human independent functions, thoughts and decisions and how the manipulation and reduction of emotion reduces humans to dependents on hierarchy and takes away any individualism and depth. He displays the dangers of this process as the removal of emotion also caused the deterioration of important relationships, human ecology, language and affectionate notions allowing the …show more content…
When the governments influence extends to the control of emotions, the results are the decrease in quality of many aspects of life including, relationships, ecology and language. Without these fundamentals of a human society The Party can have total control over it 's citizens, as they have no way to rebel or have their own thoughts. Everything the citizens do aligns with the Party because the only emotions and feelings they can have are are the ones that The Party has selected and allowed them to have. The society that Orwell has created in 1984 serves as a warning to what happens when citizens become complacent and stop actively questioning the government, and blindly follow their policies and believe whatever the government puts out as true. The foundation of humanity and the complex, diverse society that people create depends on the ability for people to be able to form relationships, have different views, believe in different ideas and voice ideas and feelings on topics, The Party has diminished all of these opportunities destroying humanity in the

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