The Wave Essay

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“Research the original story”
The movie ‘The wave’ is based on a true story that occurred at Cubberely High School, Palo Alto, California. The point of the wave was to experiment and to demonstrate how a typical democratic society can be ‘fascism’. This experiment was performed by Ron Jones; his stage name in the movie was Mr Wegner. Both men were well-known as history teachers and this experiment was introduced as a trial in April 1967 and went horribly wrong.
As he failed to get his point across in class, he decided to try an experiment. This experiment began by starting the group called ‘The Third Wave’ in his history class; he told the students that the whole point of it was to remove democracy. Ron Jones tried
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The students became attached to the group ‘The third Wave’ when they were given a members card and all got a task given to complete. The students felt like they belonged to something, many for the first time in their lives. By the end of the day ‘The Third wave’ had over 200 members. Ron Jones was amazed by the commitment and motivation from the students. The students started taking the experiment seriously and students started reporting others when rules were being broken,
By Thursday Ron Jones had decided to stop the movement due to it slipping out of his control. The students became so attached; emotionally and physically, this became an issue. Ron Jones announced to the group that the movement was a part of a nationwide movement, and that on the following day a selected member of the wave would announce publicly the existence of ‘The Third Wave’. Ron jones made it clear to all students, that the attendance of the meeting held the next day was compulsory.
In the meeting that was held on the Friday, Ron Jones announced to ‘The Third Wave’ that they had actually taken part in a fascism group without even knowing. He explained to them, how easy it is to turn a democracy society into fascism without the students even being aware of their actions. He then followed by showing a movie about the Nazi regime, the students then realised that the groups’ attitude was a lot like the Nazi’s attitude and

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