The Waste Land Essay

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The Waste Land
In South Africa The National Party enforces apartheid by law in 1948. It separates whites from ‘natives’, ‘coloreds’ and ‘Asians’, in every area of life from the buses they travel to work on, to the benches where they may sit at the train stations. This segregation implies that the circumstances for the coloreds and blacks turn into worse circumstances than ever before. When people hear the word apartheid, most of them think about this separating of blacks and whites and the fighting between the blacks and whites. But that is just one of many detriments apartheid has caused. This text “The Waste Land” by Alan Paton deals with a different perspective of apartheids causes – the fights in the colored races. “Mercy was the
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1, ll. 5-6). The quotation proves the man is in danger from the time the bus drives away. The narrator who is called the man has a family comprised of wife and children: “His wife could be made a widow, his children made fatherless” (p. 1, l. 12). This also points out that he is in terrible danger because of the choice of words which is underlined. He is chased by the young men: “His wages were in his purse, he could feel them weighing heavily against his thigh. That was what they wanted from him” (p.1, ll. 10-11). This tell us that the young men want to rub him, and the man certainly knows what they want from him. The man is scared: “His fear was great and instant, and the smell of it went from his body to his nosetrils” (p. 1, ll.23-24). He is so trapped and scared of the young men that he almost smells the fear from himself. His fear turns to; “…strength and anger, and he ran towards the waste land…” (p. 2, ll. 1-2). This quotation tell us that he does not have any other opportunities than try to escape from the young men’s trap. While he tries to find a good hiding place, “…he plunged blindly into the wilderness of wire and iron and the bodies of old cars” (p. 2, ll. 4-5). This quotation indicates that he acts instinctively and runs desperately into wire and iron without thinking about the damages of his own body. After the man escapes the young men’s setup, he develops from being chased and scared to some kind of a messiah: “People arise! The world is

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