The Man Of Mode Character Analysis

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In this paper, the primary purpose is focusing on the evolution of the character named Dorimant from “The Man of Mode” in regards to his social rank in society. The thesis is the evolution of Dorimant’s social rank, in respects to his fall from once being considered the alpha. Throughout the novel, signs of Dorimant’s descent for this position of alpha is apparent. As the novel proceeds through the five acts, Dorimant’s descent become ever more apparent as he begins to give into his emotions. With the introduction of Harriet, Dormant for the first time in his life has been touched by the transcendent power that is romance. Much like a disease, the transcendent power of romance overtime consumes Dorimant and furthermore strips away any power he one held over others when he was considered the top alpha. This paper will critically examine scenes from each act of the novel to better demonstrate Dorimant’s fall from being the top ranking alpha. Starting within act one, in which the first agon within “The Man of Mode” takes place and consequently the first time Dorimant struggles for power in a dual of wit between Dorimant and the character known as the Orange-Woman. Act one begins in Dorimant’s private area, his dressing room. Dorimant orders the only handy present at this time to go and fetch the Orange-Women, who in Dorimant’s own words considers a “vermin”. From the public outdoors, Dorimant allows …show more content…
Dorimant has been emotionally manipulating and tormenting Mrs. Loveit because to Dorimant, she no longer proves any challenge to him. Due to the torment, Mrs Loveit decides to turn her anger back into malice to get revenge on Dorimant. Mrs Loveit’s plot is to effect Dorimant with a sense of jealousy and insecurity through the use of Sir Fobling. Mrs Loveit creates a scene in which she publically demonstrates interest in Sir Fobling to get an emotional reaction for

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