The Washington State Institute For Public Policy Essay

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Although the Washington State Institute for Public Policy is the leading model for cost-benefit analysis of evidence-based practices for juvenile offenders, other states and organizations have taken the initiative to implement similar analysis. There are programs that although not exclusive to juveniles, develop an efficient cost-benefit analysis of evidence-based programs where the purpose is to reduce crime and recidivism. For example, the Prevention Research Center of Human Development together with Pennsylvania’s Commission on Crime and Delinquency conducted a cost-benefit analysis between several juvenile programs. Overall Pennsylvania saved $317 million in reduced criminal justice cost and salaries. The LifeSkills Training program was the most benefited. The program has over 25 years of evidence-based peer review research behind it. The LifeSkills Training program teaches middle school students about peer pressure, drugs, decision-making skills, critical think skills and overall social skills over a period of three years (middle school).15 The LifeSkills Training program is exceptional because it involves wrap around support; this includes training for the parents and families, school, and the community. The program also involves training in capacities outside the school, such as recreational activities within the community, community supported programs, and universities and institutions.15
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