Essay on The Wars And A Forgotten Peace

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We argue and complain about the most simplest things when we don’t even realize that there are people around the world who are constantly dying for our country to pacify the wars. Woodrow Wilson stated that World War I is the “war to end all wars.” Despite the preachers of peace, the occurrence of the Second World War conclusively prove that unbroken peace are unrealistic. More than 70 million people were killed during World War II than in World War I which was approximately 8 million people. Even though World War II is over, there are still a large number of wars today, such as the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Day by day, men are sent out to war to sacrifice themselves for the sake of equality, freedom and peace. Some people argue that war can never be justified because we’re recklessly killing innocent children, and people intentionally, but I think war is justified because even if it doesn 't give us a good result, there are things that are worth fighting for.
Most people argue that war can never be justified because we have constantly destroyed a person’s home country and its people. We would likely agree that World War I was not justified because countries risk themselves for the death of one man, Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Because of the First World War, countries such as Germany, Russia, Japan, and Italy began to crave for land and power which started the Second World War. Instead of negotiations, the Allies believe
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