The War That Killed Achilles By Caroline Alexander Essay

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“The WAR That KILLED ACHILLES” was written by Caroline Alexander. It is the hidden truth of Homer’s Iliad and the Trojan War. The author, Caroline Alexander explained about some of the important incidents happened in the Trojan War. Although there are several characters in this book, the main characters are Achilles (a great Greek hero), Patroklos (Achilles’ best friend), Hektor (a great Trojan hero), Priam (Hektor’s Father and the King of Troy), and Agamemnon (the Commander of the united Greek armed forces in the Trojan War). The end of the Trojan War and Achilles is clearly described by the author in this book. Achilles became undefeatable after winning several wars against several kingdoms. Even Agamemnon became jealous after seeing the rise of undefeatable Achilles. One day during the Trojan War after successful campaign, Achilles claimed the queen Briseis as his prize of invasion. Agamemnon claimed the daughter of a priest of Apollo, the sun god, as his prize of invasion. Priest of Apollo asked Agamemnon to release his daughter. Agamemnon refused to release the priest’s daughter. After seeing the cruelness of Agamemnon, angered Apollo threatens the Greek army by spreading the Plague. As a result Agamemnon decides to send all the Trojan Women back to Troy, but, Achilles refused to send queen Briseis back and also refused to participate in the next day’s war. Patroklos took advantage to help Achilles and the Greek by wearing the dressing up like Achilles and went to war…

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