The War Of Wwi And Its Effects On The World War II Essay

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After the end of WWI , the United States Economy was bad and not much was spent by the government on Defense . Many believed that WWI was the end of all wars and that a large military for fighting a war like WWI would not be needed again. The US cut its defense spending allot from
1919 and though out the great depression.
Like Great Britain and France many in the US did not see the danger coming from Japan and a rising Nazi movement in Germany who were unhappy about the peace treaties signed after WWI.
The Nazi party and Japan began preparing for war in the late 1920‘s while the US was suffering a economic crash and bad economic growth. The Nazi party especially saw military spending as a way to create jobs and help the economy. In the early 1930’s when the Nazi Party took control the priority was rebuilding the (1) military and investing heavily in Aircraft, Armor and Ships that could fight another world war. Japan also began building it’s navy and air forces so that the empire could spread its control over Asia and block the US from expanding trade in its land.
After WWI, Americans were not concerned about war in Europe or Asia, Americans became more and more “Isolationists “ . Isolationists believed that the US should not ever go fight a war for Great Britain or France again. They were only concerned with the US and its interests in the homeland. Isolationists became a strong political movement in the US, so many politicians got elected running on…

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