The War Of World War II Essay examples

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2. September 2 1945 market the end of World War II and the rise of the Soviet Union and United States of America. It was thought by many that an era of peace would emerge with the Allies’ victory in Europe and the Pacific. In fact a new kind of war one that would not be determined by brut military force but by covert operations and Political ideology, would shape the modern world today.
After Germany and Japan surrendered the United States and U.S.S.R emerged the dominant powers went their separate ways trying to influence other countries to adopt their political views. It was referred to as the Cold War for the fact that these two super powers never fought directly against one another. Conflicts or proxy war such as Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan were attempts to dominate regions with their political influence and each side would soon find out that they created more enemies then allies.
During the initial stages of the Cold War propaganda outlets went into over drive trying to portray themselves as the good guys and the other as the ultimate evil. Many American bought into the red scare and were on board with the government to prevent its spread. An Iron Curtain would emerge between the East and the West blocking any sort of contact between the two sides with the exception of politics. We would see an arms race greater than that of World War I and II combined. Each side developed and arsenal of Nuclear weapons which some would say could have led to World War III or…

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