The War Of The United States Essay

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In the early 1900’s as America became more industrialized, wealthier and more populated, crime also began to increase. From financial crimes to violent crimes, people were becoming more creative criminals and there were not many ways to apprehend them or was there an effective way of enforcing the law. Crimes were being spread across state lines and across different countries. There were very few federal agencies to combat them and local law enforcement agencies were scarce and not very efficient. That would all soon change, when President Roosevelt designated Charles Bonaparte as Attorney General in 1906. Bonaparte learned early on that he would be very short staffed when it came to fighting crime and enacting laws. He quickly became frustrated and tired of borrowing Secret Service and not having any investigators of his own, so he went straight to congress. In 1908, after a battle with congress and a strict ban on borrowing anyone from the Secret Service, Bonaparte knew that he had to create his own department, his own crew of specialized investigators, so he did just that (FBI History, 2016).
According to FBI History (2016), It all started with a short memo, dated July 26, 1908, and signed by Charles J. Bonaparte, Attorney General, describing a “regular force of special agents” available to investigate certain cases of the Department of Justice. This memo is celebrated as the official birth of the Federal Bureau of Investigation—known throughout the world today as the…

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