The War Of The Punic War Essay

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Returning home from the Punic War, soldiers of the Roman army, mostly farmers, found their unattended farms ruined. Consequently, veterans were forced to sell their land to elites that would create farming estates called latifundia. Elites chose to run latifundia with the slaves from recent wars, leaving veterans landless and jobless. Because only landowners could enlist in the army, veterans were also not permitted to go back to their former occupation. The resulting predicament made the Roman army smaller and weaker while also allowing the elite to become more wealthy and powerful at the expense of poor. Accordingly, there was a growing unrest among commoners. Two people who recognized this problem were, Tiberius and Gaius Gracchi. Tiberius and Gaius Gracchi were brothers who held office of tribune of the plebeians one after the other and fought for land redistribution. Tiberius Gracchi would serve only a short term in office before being murdered by senators who felt threatened by Tiberius’ reforms, but Gaius took over as tribune of the plebeians and determinedly continued his brothers work. Gaius would prove to have far greater influence than his brother Tiberius reintroducing a modified version of Tiberius’s failed land redistribution laws, providing subsidized grain to the poor, and providing protection for residents from greed and corruption from local government. Commoners saw that Gaius was working to solve their problems and supported him but when he…

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