The War Of The Gulf War Essay

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President George Walker Bush once said during an interview that “One of the good things about the way the Gulf War ending in 1991 is, you 'd see the Vietnam veterans marching with the Gulf War veterans.”, as the Gulf War was a short and victorious war as compared to the Vietnam War which lasted nearly 30 years resulting in a bloody defeat, the perception of the military and government changed for the better. The Gulf War only lasted two years with support of 39 countries against Saddam Hussein as he was the fifth president of Iraq.
Before the start of the Gulf War, Iraq was a rich and flourishing nation with all basic necessities for people to live. The downfall of the Iraqi nation started with invading Iran and causing the Iran-Iraq War. The main cause of conflict was border/territory disputes. The Shatt al Arab Waterway was the root cause for boarder disputes as both wanted control of the waterway as it was an issue for ages. The Iran-Iraq War resulted only with thousands of casualties and enormous loss of revenue from oil with no military objectives accomplished. The Iran-Iraq war caused Iraq and Saddam to become on the verge of bankruptcy (as he owed around $37 billion) as there was a major unexpected increase in military spending.
Saddam would ask the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait to cancel Iraqi debt as Iraq had been protecting the Arabian Peninsula from Iranian expansion. Both the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait refused to cancel Iraq’s/Saddam’s war debt. This…

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