The War Of The Cold War Essay

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Abstract The Twenty-Sixth Amendment has the right to be repealed by Congress.During the time period of the Vietnam War of the Cold War, where the United States had conscripted their men into soldiers to fight against the communists in Vietnam. The main reason for the men to be drafted is to protect the South Vietnam from being taken over by the North Vietnam. As the American men were being drafted into the war, they were recently a few number of men who burned their draft cards in as an act of violation. This eventually invokes the government by enforcing the men to be sent into prison by actually burning their draft cards as a representation of protest. The long, infuriate debate over the protest of burning draft cards had started since World War II, and becomes intensified eventually in the Vietnam War, where young men were denied by the government to be registered to vote, but they were conscripted to protect and fighting for their country. In the 1970 case Oregon vs. Mitchell, the U.S. Supreme Court were requested with the reviewing of the constitutional provision.The divided U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Congress had the authority to regulate the minimum age in the Federal elections; however, except for the concerning of the State and local elections. Eventually, after a sufficient amount of votes and Constitutional support, Congress had passed the Twenty-Sixth Amendment,when President Richard Nixon had signed into law on the first of July in 1971. Keywords:…

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