Reconstruction After Reconstruction

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After four long, hard years and many lives lost, the United States and the Confederate States of America ended the Civil War. After the war divided the country, it was up to the people of America to bring the South back into the Union and make sure that nothing this bad happened again. The way this was done was through the Reconstruction period. This was the idea of the North, with beginning hopes to reconstruct the Union to its former glory. However, after the abolition of slavery, the Union would have to be rebuilt. This was done through several laws and ideas of many different people. In the end, the Union would be brought back together, but would not be like it was before. President Lincoln pondered different ways to reconstruct the Union. …show more content…
Congress overpowered President Johnson’s vetoes for a bill that described new procedures from Confederate States to enter the Union. This bill divided the 10 southern states into 5 districts. These districts were assigned military control, whose jobs were to register all people eligible to vote. It also stated that once a state had adopted a new constitution that gave rights to all people living within, it would be considered reconstructed and would be able to seat its newly elected congressman. After an attempt to impeach Johnson, the end of reconstruction was in sight. The final states to re-join the Union were required to ratify the Fourteenth and Fifteenth amendments. The Fifteenth amendment stated that no man should be prohibited to vote based on grounds of race, color, or previous servitude.
Over a decade after the end of the war, Hayes was elected to office. The Democrats attempted to prolong this decision, but their attempt failed. A compromise began between the northern Republicans and southern Democrats. Both parties wished to put the war behind them and continue on with their lives and try to strengthen the American economy. Hayes tried to ease tension and promised to help the levees in Mississippi that were destroyed during the war. Hayes promised to help the South rebuild and brought an end to

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