The War Of The Civil War Essays

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In the Civil War, there was a lot of strengths and weaknesses on each side of the war. Factories and factory workers were one of the most important things in the war. These people gave all the supplies to all of the troops. The railroad mileage was a big factor too. Abraham Lincoln said “I walk slowly, but I never walk backwards”. It means that the economy and war support needs to keep on going forward. It does not need to go all go at once, but it cannot go backwards. Because if it did the South would get an advantage and the North would lose the war if they keep going backwards. The economy during the Civil War was one of the biggest factors during the war, for the North because 90 percent of the factories in the north was producing war materials and the south was fighting for what they believed in (Schulman).
The North had a lot of strengths during the war. There was 20,000 railroad miles (Library of Congress). The North also, had 96 percent of the of the United State’s railroad equipment (Schulman). This help the North travel troop, war supplies, and food. The North had twice the amount of railroad of the south per square mile. The North had 23 northern states and the South only had 11 states, this help them in the with the more people in the war ( The population of the north was 18.5 million. They was 2.6 million people enlisted in unioned army. 2.4 million were white and 180,000 were black. The North had a four to one soldier advantage. The North had 1.1…

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