The War Of The American Civil War Essay

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On the eve of the American Civil War, many white Southerners held the Confederacy as the favorite to win. It was not an unrealistic view. The South contained more slave states than the North did free states. In terms of land size, this gave the Confederacy an edge. The South had a history of military experience since the War of 1812 and was occupied by several military schools. Therefore they had an abundance of trained military officers that could lead them to victory. They were also fighting a defensive war, meaning they were fighting on land they knew and were determined to defend. Although the South had these advantages that made them a staunch adversary of the North during the Civil War, the Union had a multitude of advantages over the Confederacy that enabled them to defeat the South. The North contained a free population four times the size of the South’s and was the nucleus of America’s industry. The North had access to superior resources, including the nation’s naval power and nearly two-thirds of its farm acreage. Finally, the Union had twice the amount of railroads as the South, enabling them to move troops and supplies throughout the country effectively.
Before the Civil War, immigration of Europeans to New England fueled population the disparity between the North and the South. Between 1815 and 1860, five million European immigrants migrated to the United States. Unaccustomed to the isolation of Southerners and their single-minded drive for profit, immigrants…

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