The War Of Great Britain Essay

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In the decade after the Declaration of Independence there were several different wars and conflicts that existed. Throughout the three phases of conflicts there were ups and downs for the Americans and the British. In the end there were successes and failures from the Articles of Confederation. On July 4, 1776, Americans declared independence from the monarchy of Great Britain; they were faced with the formidable task of creating new republican governments. Their immediate focus was not on any central authority but on their individual state governments. By 1781, most states had produced their own constitutions, which established the republican governments. Some of the new constitutions remained unchanged for decades. For quite some time many Americans were uncertain if they wanted a real national government or just the states governments. The Continental Congress was viewed as a coordinator not a government. Most people looked at the states as the governments and the real authorities. Realizing that a war required a centralized leader so there would be a central location for decision making to be successful during wartime. Congress in November 1777 adopted the Articles of Confederation. The articles were not finally ratified until 1781. The Continental Congress was known as the chief coordinating agency for the war efforts. The nation as a result found itself in a war for its own survival with a weak uncertain government, never sure of its outcome or what it…

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