How Did Louis Contribute To Treachery

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Louis was determined to teach Dutch a lesson for their treachery and betrayals. However the intention was not to spend extravagantly on a prolonged war, but rather manifest his wrath and power by punishing the Dutch for their treachery. Colbert, who was certainly against the Dutch was delighted to know about the war. Arrangments were made to isolate the United provinces. Swedes were convinced to leave the triple alliances through bribery by Lionne. Charles claimed he was a Catholic in return for cash that was given to him. Thretened and panicked by the war arrangments made by Louis; the Dutch sent their ambassador to negotiate and avoid the war that was about to take place. As described by Madamme de Sevigne the meeting held between the king and ambassador assured that war was inevitable and the French army was prepared to manifest their power and determination on the battle field k. As quoted by …show more content…
The battle continued with French soliders capturing 40 Dutch towns and fortresses were abandoned by the Dutch. However the war prolonged beyond expectation and the French proved to be successful. The Dutch leader Jan De Witt insisted on negotiations and since the begining he insisted on good relations with France. However Louis denied to negotiate and rejected his proposal as the concession terms were not negotiable and Louis believed they could achieve much more if they continued the war. William of Orange; one of the ruthful haters of France was underestimated by Louis. However the prolonged war did bring benefits to the king. Many parts of the lower countries were captured. Turenne proved to be victorious. Although Louis was successful in conquering major parts of Spain and negotiations at Nygmen gave him strong hold over the events; he was not complacent with the gains achieved as a result of this prolonged war. One of the reasons for unhealthy international relstions was the aggressive attitude and conduct of the French

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