French And Indian War Essay

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Who were the people involved? Some of the people involved in the French and Indian War were the British, the French, and the American Indians. Even though the feud was just between the British and the French, the American Indians were very cooperative on both sides. Much more cooperative on the French side. What were they fighting for? The French and the British have many reasons for fighting, but each group involved had their reasons for being there. They wanted to monopolize the fur trade in North America and the French felt the British were threatening their territory as the British expanded. As for the American Indians, they were fighting for their way of life. To them, the colonists and the British were only land grabbers, so of course …show more content…
One of the consequences in result of the war was that both the British and the French were left in financial problems. The war nearly doubled Britain’s national dept. On top of the financial problems, tension between the colonists and Britain were rapidly increasing. The Crown started seeking ways of paying off that dept., and forced the colonist to pay new taxes. The colonist refused to do so until troops were sent in the break the resistance. This led to the beginning of the American Revolution. How did the French and Indian War set the stage for the American Revolution? By ending the threat of French power on the continent, by saddling Britain with a huge dept. and by denying the colonists what they thought was their rightful due after fighting alongside the British. The results set up the stage for the initiating conflicts between the Mother Country and the colonies. Why did the American Indians ally with the French against the British? The American Indians allied with the French against the British because the French and the Indians were allies as early as the 1600s also, the French traded with them and did not settle in their land. Britain on the other hand, didn’t know how negotiate with the American Indians and only tried to conquer

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