The War Of 1812 Was Considered A Second War For Independence Essay

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The War of 1812 was considered a “second war for independence” from Britain – the first one being the Revolutionary War. Britain had, once again, strained foreign relations with the United States by ordering the impressment of American sailors and seizing cargo ships; even though George Washington had declared neutrality. However, due to a lack in communication, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson were unaware that Britain had began to respect their maritime neutrality and it subsequently resulted in the two men ordering the declaration for the War of 1812. As a result of the declaration, the country was torn in half – one half; the Westerners and Southerners, were pro-war while the other half; the New Englanders, were firmly against the war. In the minds of the Westerners and Southerners not going to war was allowing the British to attack their national honor without repercussions. The War of 1812 lasted almost three years and it ended inconclusively. At the end, The Senate of The Treaty of Ghent unanimously signed a decree to put an end to the fighting. This treaty did not solve any foreign issues or quell the resentment between the two countries, but it fortified the idea of America becoming fully independent from England. The end of the war ushered in a new era of nationalism and allowed America to progress industrially.
Before the War of 1812 had officially begun there was animosity that had forced the country to take opposing sides. Jeffersonian Republicans believed…

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