Differences Between Madison And George Washington

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The First Five Presidents Essay

Have you ever learned about the James Madison and George Washington relationship? Although George Washington was a mentor to James Madison and helped guide him to the presidency, the two men were vastly different on their ideas on foreign policy , National Economy and the Jay’s Treaty.

Washington and Madison had very different ideas on the subject on foreign policy. James Madison went to war with Britain in 1812 although James Madison had the will to remain neutral as George Washington did. The congress was coherent toward James Madison to go into war with Britain because Britain had captured the United states cargo and seamen. James didn't have a cogent argument with the congress.This scenario
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The war of 1812 greatly affected the economy james madison was penitent. James Madison then charter a second national bank. James Madison had the integrity to push through.George Washington wanted to substantiate a new way to collecting taxes because the national treasury was empty. The objectivity was to bring back money to the national treasury for it to flourish again.George washington placed excise taxes on whiskey and other luuxury goods. Settlers from the west of the Appalachian mountains protested to end the protests congress lowered the excise tax in 1793. Farmers started to pay up but not tax rebels of west Pennsylvania. Hamilton and Washington saw this as a threat to the authority of the national government. Hamilton was prepared to crush the people's liberties by using the army against them. George Washington and James Madison had a discourse on the Jay’s treaty which ended their friendship. The jay’s treaty made james madison vindicated the closer economic ties with britain will only strengthen the federalists. However George Washington wanted the british to move out of the Ohio Valley. The british wouldn’t move so george washington decided to send chief justice John Jay to go settle things down in london. George Washington thought that his plan was clarity. Jay had a cohesive treaty which led the british to finally leave the ohio valley.

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