The War Of 1812 Congress Essay

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Transportation Revolution In the years following the War of 1812 congress began to see a growing necessity for a stronger federal government. Efforts to incorporate this new belief began to unfold as Henry Clay proposed his three-step American System. Aimed towards the nation’s economy, the system included a national bank to foster commerce, a protective tariff to promote the industrial North, and finally a system of transportation intertwined throughout the nation. This American System was put into play and soon the nation took the idea and ran with it. Transportation flourished beginning with the improvements of current roads, continuing with the introduction of canals, and finally steam engines and railroads. Occurring in this same time period was the Industrial Revolution, the shift from hand made goods to machine made goods. This time period had many positive outcomes including urbanization, mass production, and more, yet could it have been so successful without the modernizing modes of transportation going on around it? Although there were many aspects that contributed to US economic growth during the nineteenth century, the Transportation Revolution had a substantial influence on increasing the efficiency of transporting goods throughout the country, ultimately unifying the nation’s economy. One way in which new transportation was able to benefit the economy was through the speed that it moved. Technological advances in transportation allowed for faster transport…

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