The Wage Gap Between Men And Women Essay

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Men and women have always differed in terms of salary. This has been true for many years and still continues today. Equality in the work force has always been a common issue of debate because of the pay gap that exists. The pay gap not only effects women but also effects people of minorities. Though there has been progress in working towards reducing the gap and creating a more equal environment for all, there is still much progress to be done.
In the working world, as of 2012 women made 80.9 percent of what men made (“Women’s Bureau (WB) Facts Over Time”). This is prevalent in nearly every country, regardless of race. Regardless of race, men still have a higher income and salary than women do (Statistics, U.S. Bureau Of Labor). There are different reasons and explanations for the wage gap between men and women including the bias theory and the human capitalist theory. The bias theory argues that discrimination is the main factor that is responsible for the pay gap between women and men (Aulette 189). On the other hand, the human capitalist theory argues, “people invest in their own human abilities including the skills that allow them to move up the ladder at work and receive raises” (Aulette 192). Further, this theory believes that “(1) women do not have as much commitment to paid work; (2) men invest more in themselves than women do; and (3) men obtain more education or job training” (Aulette 193). Though there are different views on the reasons for the pay gap,…

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