The Voting System Of The United States Essay

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Only 36.4 percent of voters turned out during the 2014 elections, the lowest overall in seventy years. In 507 B.C. , Cleisthenes, the Athenian leader, introduced a new system of reforms consisting of three groups: the governing body, council of representatives, and the popular courts (History Channel). Greece was the beginning of voting and democracy. In the early 1600’s, as American settlements were later set up in Jamestown, these men started off by conducting an election (Colonial Williamsburg Foundation). As time progressed, these methods and processes tended to evolve, but are not showing much of an improvement nowadays. In a society of constant innovation, the whole process of voting should not be left aside to become obsolete. The voting system in America is outdated because the Electoral College unequally favors small states over large, awards the presidency to the loser of the popular vote, and lacks incentive to increase voter turnout.
The United States of America has been a strong nation ever since its roots back in the 1700’s; voting should not be a factor which limits growth in its society. The US Electoral College officially elects the president and vice president every four years. Members are not directly appointed by the people, but instead by electors chosen by popular vote and apportioned to each state (Archives). Unfortunately, this excludes large amounts of voters from taking a meaningful role in presidential elections. Voters who live in New York or…

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