The Violin Selected For This Assignment Essay

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The violin selected for this assignment is a John Juzek Violin. It is a beautiful handmade wooden full size (4/4) violin with a carved spruce wood top, a flamed maple back, and an ivory inlaid tailpiece. The violin is fitted with prelude dominant strings and an Aubert Bridge. The violin came with an accompanying German bow. The violin has a beautiful tonal quality lacking any dead spots in the sound while played in 4th (1st shift) position.
Some of the special qualities this violin possesses are, a beautiful curved shape and unique f-hole shape and position. The exterior of the body of the violin is hand rubbed with oil and varnish, leaving the body with a resilient sheen. The tailpiece and pegs are made of ebony, and are inlaid with diamond-shaped carvings. The pegs are movable and help coarse tune the violin. Unlike the modern violins, only one fine tuner is present, and it tunes the “E” string. Inside the violin, next to the sound post, the maker’s name, place of making, and a handwritten signature along with the copy number are pasted on a label.

The violin might have been primarily used for Orchestra and Symphonies. This model of violin may have been used by famous violinists like Murray Adaskin, and Fritz Keisler in grand venues like Carnegie Hall. The precision in this instrument speaks volumes about the booming demand for imported precision handcrafts after World War-I. Contemporary violin makers like Jeff Philips, and American manufacturers like Conn-Selmer…

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