The Violence Of The United States Essay

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September 11, 2001 marked the most deadly and devastating day in history for New York City Firefighters, nearly 350 firefighters died. Millions of US citizens watched the twin towers fall from the brutal attacks from the Islamic terrorists group called AL-Qaeda. Even though the United States were about to go at war with a country and a terrorist group that has been at war nearly its entire exist. The United States still had the mind set to take out the terrorist cells but at the same time bring peace to the Middle East and prevent this from ever happening to any other country.
Peacekeeping is broken down into four different phrases of conflict. The first phrase is Pre-violence, in which the timing of intervention is partly within the control of any authorizing agency. Basically saying pre violence, if one approaches with violence you can only expect violence in return. Phrase two of conflict is armed conflict, in which most time referred to as the preventive deployment, basically the phrase that’s sends the troops in expectation that the escalation of conflict might happen. The purpose of the phrase is discouraged violence in the during the deployment and provide security. The third phrase of conflict is after a ceasefire phrase also known as the traditional peacekeeping deployment. Fundamentally ceasefire from both sides to come to an agreement. The final phrase of conflict, after a peace settlement is achieved after the ceasefire is the post agreement.
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