Essay The Violence Of The Police

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In the past couple years, phrases like "Hands up, don’t shoot" and "We can’t breathe" have been shouted from the streets. Acts of violence and misconduct committed by the police have masses of people coming together and protesting the widespread problem. However, this current issue has been around for longer than Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Offences from our boys in blue have occurred and were debated about for decades, but now are being brought back anew in these tumultuous times. But even though police transgressions have an infamous place in history and a big part of today’s society, some still do not see it as that big of a problem. Others think the issue is causing are stereotyping all the cops together into one corrupt, horrible group. While some of these beliefs are understandable, they are not completely valid because the negative effects of brutality are too much to simply dismiss the problem. America’s police departments are fervently struggling with the issues of brutality and corruption in modern society, and effective reforms need to be implemented in order to solve this growing problem. There has been a long history of police brutality that had its beginnings about the same time America did. Unfortunately, the violence of our officers still continues today, shown by the following instances. In July of 2014, the chokehold and death of Eric Garner sparked outrage. A month later, Michael Brown was shot in Ferguson. Then, in November, Tamir Rice was shot in…

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