Essay on The Violence Of Television Shows

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It is common in today’s society to see violence on television. While some of this violence comes from the news channels, far more of it is seen through fictional TV shows. These shows are significantly more violent than what is allowed to be shown in the news, and they are intended to serve as entertainment. These violent television shows are also widely popular among viewers. It is possible that this portrayal of violence causes viewers to become physically violent in the real world, and act out what they see on television.
In the recent history of American television, fictional violence has gone from a status of good versus evil, to one where audiences root for the bad guys and hope that they don’t get caught. This is the idea of the antihero. Antihero characters have been around for some time, however, recently they have moved from the role of antagonist to protagonist. With this shifting of roles, television shows have become simultaneously more violent, and less inclined to side with the law (or other traditionally “good” character types). The example of fictional television violence we will look at for the purpose of this paper will be the show Dexter—one of the more famous antiheroes in American television in the last ten years.
Dexter was adapted by James Manos from the novel “Darkly Dreaming Dexter” which was written by Jeff Lindsay. Dexter aired for eight seasons on Showtime, lasting from 2006-2013. The story is about Dexter Morgan who works for the…

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