Essay on The Violence Of Pro Sports And College

1329 Words Nov 5th, 2015 6 Pages
Prepared to go to whatever limits necessary he knew that he would stop at nothing to change the team’s logo. As he walked up to the cartoon stereotypical mascot at the football game, he expressed his anger in the only way he could think of, by yelling loud enough for everyone to hear that this is a disgrace and he knew his children deserved better. Now more than ever racial slurs or stereotypical depictions are a hot topic. In pro sports and college especially these are being debated upon as not only a racial problem but also against the school 's code of conduct which states, “A fair learning environment for all.” Although sports fans across the nation cherish their team’s Native American influence, the use of stereotypical dress/action and racial slurs is offensive to many people across the nation and should be banned nationwide. “Offensive” this is a word thrown around more and more lately no matter how big or small a problem may be. But, what truly makes something offensive is if a large group of people or a specific group of people are deeply upset over the matter. Often times it is insensitivity that can lead to an offensive nature, other times it is arrogance. To the people who are offended by sports logos, mascots, or team names feel as if these teams are arrogant towards their people and their way of life. This isn’t an issue that only occurs in the sports world as it also pops up in dozens of school sports causing a widespread of backlash from angry parents. The…

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