Essay about The Violence And Gun Violence

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With mass shooting such as the one at Umpqua Community College in Oregon becoming a regular occurrence, we must ask ourselves why people resort to gun violence instead of finding other ways to solve whatever problem they may be facing. The ATF estimates that there are 300 million guns in circulation while 20 years ago it was around 200 million. The GSS estimates that one-third of households have guns (Mantel 237). Every year, on average, 32,000 people die and 74,000 people suffer injuries related to gun violence and gun suicide in the US (Metzl 241). Alone in 2009, 326,090 violent crimes were committed with firearms, and 11,406 people died through firearm homicides (Wintemute e1). These numbers indicate that firearm violence is a serious issue in the US. However, some see guns as a means to create a safer society. Although the number of guns carried in public has increased, amount of deaths caused by guns has decreased. More specifically, between 2005 and 2009, the number of murders per year decreased from 10,158 to 9,146 while homicides committed in defense, and therefore justifiable, increased from 196 to 261 (Jonsson PP). Such statistics open the question whether increased gun ownership causes increased gun violence. In order to determine this, other predictive factors for gun violence must be evaluated. Some studies have found that mental illness, gun legislation, drug abuse, and traumatic experiences are significant predictors for violence. By analyzing these studies…

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