The Violence Against Women Act Essay

957 Words Nov 28th, 2016 4 Pages
For the social welfare policy advocacy project, I worked with Lakisha Keys, Jessica Moore, and Amber Bouchard. The topic we chose to complete our project on was the Violence Against Women Act. We worked during class time as well as meeting outside of class time to address our individual tasks for the project. We met on two occasions outside of the classroom on August 21st and November 18th. During these meetings, we assigned parts of the project to each member of the group and went over ideas for how to complete the paper. Each group member was assigned a specific individual task. I oversaw researching implementation of the act and the policies that are currently in place. Once each group member had their individual task completed, I compiled every section together to put the whole paper together. I also put together the PowerPoint for our project. Group members sent me the information they wanted to discuss in the presentation and I compiled everyone’s information to create the PowerPoint. I was very active and involved in this group project as I attended each meeting we had, kept in contact with group members through a group text message, and completed my individual tasks by our deadlines. To work together well in a group, collaboration is key for a successful project. By working in this group, I learned how important collaboration is. I believe that we had great cohesion throughout the beginning of this assignment. We were very eager to begin the project and…

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