Sexual Assault And Domestic Violence Essay

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According to the lawgovpol website, law reform can be defined as the process of changing and updating laws, so that they reflect the current values and needs of modern society. This idea of change in the law is essential when it comes to the topic of sexual assault and domestic violence. Sexual assault is defined as a forced sexual act, where the victim is either persuaded or physically forced to engage in the act against their will, or any form of sexual touching without the individual 's consent. This particular form of assault is legally recognised as being a part of sexual violence and it consists of rape (all forms), forced kissing, groping, child sexual abuse or any other form of harsh treatment of an individual in a sexual manner. Domestic violence is also another prominent issue within our society. In reference to Reach Out .com, it is defined as a form of violence that can occur with any relationship - physical, emotional, economic, spiritual and/ social. “Australia has a relatively high rate of reported sexual assault compared to other developed countries…” this statement can be found within an article on SBS news online. This generalised statistic should not be dismissed as being a part of the norm, it should be addressed and laws must be put in place to ensure that this statistic is drastically lowered. Domestic violence is not far from this, it is reported in the domestic violence website that more than a million women have experienced physical or sexual…

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