The Vine Of Love In Shankaracharya's Sister Of My Heart

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by actual events. Freud demonstrates that one of the most poignant and persistent memories of his own childhood were a memory of a fantasised scene. (Eisendrath and Dawson, 2008:43)

A woman on the ground opens her arms for the woman who was in the sky. This is what we do with grief. The dead are droplets of seawater and ash, riding the air. Are they rising? Are they falling? Look, there‘s no difference. The earth‘s curvature is like a smile. (p.373) At times, we perceive that Anju‘s thoughts about Sudha that she was the next exactness of any being that she ever knew is nothing but going for sentimental extremes that overwhelm the disagreement in their house in the end of the novel. For her, certainly not did a woman love a woman as they loved one another. When she felt solitary after the loss of her baby, she lived more for Sudha and obtainable the support that she could give lacking any inhibitions. What the sisters believe ardently in the sisterly function was that a sister should be a friend by blood, a
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Their friendship continues to provide emotional realization until Sudha and Sunil‘s attraction came to the fore. The sore raptures emerged out from Anju‘s heart who gave all her heart and measured that Sudha was the sister of her heart. Sister of My Heart and The Vine of Desire together divulge the truth that though friendship reach new heights in sister love, In the normal sense, it is a general phenomenon that, women cannot simultaneously sustain two fervent relationships. Unequal marriage and equal friendship remain contradictory and opposing.

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