The View From The Grassy Knoll Essay example

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This week we were asked to read the article, The View from The Grassy Knoll which discusses conspiracy thinking surrounding the assassination of president John F. Kennedy. Moreover, he asserts that the assassination of the president was prime for conspiracy theories, specifically because it occurred during such a critical moment in American history. Additionally, government agencies had confessed that there were mistakes, and there was even discrepancies in official accounts, leaving even more room for suspicion among conspiracy theorist. In addition to creating an extreme distrust of Americans to the government at the time. In general there was some evidence in the case that seemed very questionable to some people, such as how could the president have gotten shot from both the front and the back, and why there was only supposedly three bullets found but four bullet wounds. There was also the question of the magic bullet which hit both Kennedy and Texas senator John Connally. Furthermore, all evidence from the case was examined by the CIA, Dallas Police Department, and the Warren Commission Report which all depicted Lee Harvey Oswald as a lone gunman. However, critics questioned official reports at every point, as evidence mysteriously disappeared and changed. Another point that the author makes is that during this time there was a upsurge in books and movies that supported conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and that this was the…

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