The Vietnam War Of Vietnam Essay

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The country of Vietnam has always been in some sort of disputation. Previous to the Vietnam war, Vietnam was continually on the brink of losing their country to the French. From 1874 to 1954, the French colonization of Vietnam was taking place. After the French conquered Vietnam, they had goals including profiting economically, teaching and spreading the history and language of French culture, and having total dominance over Vietnam. If an individual was Vietnamese at this time they had the choice to either follow what the French were doing,vor be poorly paid laborers of the French people. As a few years pass, a man by the name of Ho Chi Minh came to Vietnam. He led a communist group who wanted to drive the French out of the North and establish it for himself. This group went by the name of the Viet Cong. By following his dreams, the Viet Cong succeeded and Vietnam was in the hands of the Vietnamese people. Within that same year the French returned. The French wanted to regain their power over Vietnam and reclaim the territory which was taken from them by Ho Chi Minh and his revolution. This action would lead to the starting point of the French-Indochina War. As the combat began in 1946, Ho Chi Minh was unable to hold power and decided to give everything back to the French. This would mean Ho Chi Minh had to sign the control of Cochin China back to the French and release himself from power. The Chinese decided after what the French had done that they wanted to get…

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