Lyndon B. Johnson's Expansion In Vietnam

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Kelsey Marren
Dr. Lammers
HI 103
23 November 2016
Expansion in Vietnam under Lyndon B. Johnson “I will not lose Vietnam” President Johnson said after two days of presidency. After the United States suffered a tremendous lose due to President John F. Kennedy being assassinated in 1963, the new President inherited one of the most intense battles on History, the Vietnam War. LBJ expanded the American presence in Vietnam tremendously which lead to numerous financial political problems not only in the United States but around the world. Through his speeches, letters, and voice recordings we are given numerous reasons why LBJ expanded the war in Vietnam. On November 22, 1963, we lost President John F Kennedy but we gained his Vice President,
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The Vietcong had been attacking the countryside the had tremendous loose of life both in civilian life and in the military. His first impulse as president was to shift the war into higher gear and making the war his top priority over social, economic, and political reforms that former President Kennedy was stressing. The American people were worried about Johnson’s decision making. Johnson had expressed his concerns about Vietnam in a phone call to former national security advisor, McGerorge Bundy. On May 27, 1964 the President “expresses deep anxiety about what would happen if the United States failed to defend South Vietnam from communist takeover”. (Lawrence) He was worried if he stopped helping South Vietnam, communism would spread beyond the borders of Vietnam, China, and the Soviet Union. President Johnson said “What in the hell is Vietnam worth to me?” and “What is Laos worth to me? What is it worth to this country?” (Lawrence) Contradicting in his statements, Johnson presses forward with the Vietnam war. Under Johnson’s lead the military implanted a series of tactics which included aggressive propaganda offense and sabotage against North Vietnam. These series of tactics had no effect on North Vietnam and didn’t do anything to help the political problem in …show more content…
Maddox, Congress approved the expansion of the Vietnam War also known as the Tonkin Gulf Resolution. This was a huge step for the Johnson administration and escalated U.S. military involvement. On November 3,1964, Johnson created an interagency task force to review Vietnam policies. The task force came up with three policies: “persisting with the current approach, escalating the war and striking at North Vietnam, or pursuing a strategy of graduated response.” (Lawerence) Out of those three options, President Johnson selected the third option which allowed the US military to increase intensity. The used a series of tactics to promote this plan which included boosting morale in South Vietnam, attacking North Vietnam, and to pressure those giving aid to North Vietnam to

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