The Video Foundations Of Nursing Theory Essay

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Discussion 2 answers
1. Review the video Foundations of Nursing Theory. Discuss one concept learned.
In her video on the foundations of nursing theory, Jenko addressed the concept of Metaparadigm in nursing. According to Jenko, the nursing Metaparadigm is a universal overview of all nursing theories (2015). It is consisted of four main components, which are nursing, person, environment, and health (jenko, 2015). Nursing paradigm as a concept that focuses on nursing as a profession with a purpose of achieving the optimum health possible for the client. In agreement with jenko’s thinking, Nursing in Nursing Metaparadigm is the interconnection between the client and the nurse where the nurse delivers therapeutic interventions based on research, clinical judgment, and evidence based practice. Moreover, the nursing metaparadigm views the person as a nurse, clients, families, and communities. The nurse with a scientific approach carries her tasks with compassion and respect to the patient’s dignity, preferences, and culture. It views the person as a being with many components: physical, psychosocial, economic, educational, and mental. Those components are unique to each person. The nursing metaparadigm views the environment as the elements surrounding the person: physical, spiritual, and cultural. Lastly, the nursing paradigm views health as an ultimate and holistic goal, which is the purpose of nursing.
2. Describe how one theory of nursing could be applied in your current…

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