Essay about The Victims Of Childhood Sexual Abuse

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One of the most important questions a victim of childhood sexual abuse, their family, friends and society in general faces when dealing with the aftermath of child sexual abuse is: whether the victim is doomed to be maladjusted and grow up to be an adult sexual offender?, it is a fact that at least 30% of adult sex offenders were sexually abused as children and/or teens, (Myths and Facts about Sex Offenders). Most sexual offenders have no history of being sexually victimized as a child, which is good news, which means the prevalence for sexual deviancy does not originate solely from victims of childhood sexual abuse.
“Most victims of childhood sexual abuse do not go on to become child molesters. However, sexual victimization as a child, if accompanied by other moderating factors—such as the co-occurrence of other types of abuse—may contribute to the child-victim’s later emergence as a perpetrator of child sexual abuse. Similarly, social competence deficits are clearly significant in child molestation, but an individual’s inadequate social and interpersonal skills do not, by themselves, make his sexual abuse of children inevitable.” (Reno, Dwyer, and Director) Which means other negative factors more often than not need to be present in order for a victim of child sexual abuse to become a sexual predator, so the answer to the initial question is no! Per current research regarding sexual offenses, previous victims of child sexual abuse are the…

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