Essay on The Value Of Money And The True Importance Of Friendship

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So much has happened over the last 24 years and so much has been learned. Some people that are older may look at me and think I do not have much worldly knowledge being a 24 year old. However, I would like to set them straight and prove that I have gained some worldly knowledge and experience over my lifetime so far. From growing up in the 90’s to being able to remember when cell phones first came out, to this now social media dominated world, I have discovered by means of trial and error how I view my life and they things I want in my life. I have also come to understand the value of money and the true importance of friendship. Learning about the value of money is something that one has to learn on their own. Growing up my father had a military job and my mother was a stay at home mom. As a child I thought we were rich. We didn’t have an elaborate lifestyle, but if something was needed, my parents got it. Whether it was new car tires or a new water heater. As a child seeing my parents make these types of purchases, I never understood why I wasn’t able to have all the things I asked for. Well, besides the fact that I am sure they didn’t want me to turn into a spoiled brat, I do now understand why they would say no to me sometimes. Looking back, even though we had money, my parents valued their money. They were not foolish with their money; instead, they kept it for emergencies expenses. Being 24 years old now, I am not rich by any means. I am battling student loans like the…

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