Essay about The Value Of An Electric Car

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The value of an electric car, my inquiry for the electric car is, They are growing a lot more in the suburban cities. There are starting to be charging stations in northern Boston and all around the world. The company behind the whole electric car and charging stations is a car company named “Tesla”. 50 years from now everything is going to be electric because it is safer for the environment. There are a whole variety of electric cars. All dealerships have at least a dozen electric cars to choose from. They all get good Mileage and are fully electric. None of them take gas or any fossil fuels.
The cost of charging your all electric car is around $540.00 a year.When you purchase your electric car you get a battery charger to go from a box in your home to your car. If your car is rated 30 kilowatts per 100 miles, you will have to charge your car battery 's for talents 40 ,minutes if you have the supercharger. The Tesla supercharger station can top your tank or “batteries” so you can go 300 miles in one hour of charging. On a full charge the Tesla roadster can go 200 miles. On a single charge.
Electric cars and lithium ion batteries have made hybrid cars more efficient to drive.They are rechargeable. You can drive longer and more miles. Causes no air pollution. The first electric car was invented in 1832. They work with batteries by transferring the energy from the batteries to the magnet in the motor producing the magnet to spin causing the wheels to turn. There are magnets…

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