The Valley Of The Kings Essay

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There are currently 62 numbered tombs that have been discovered in the Valley of the Kings. Not all occupants have been identified and not all have been excavated. Epigraphy, whether done as an exact copy or done photographically, has been attempted in only 25 of these tombs (see chart 1). Of these 25, 8 do not have any epigraphic publications associated with them. Moreover, almost all KV tombs have been mentioned in a larger publication dealing with of the Valley of the Kings, namely Elizabeth Thomas, The Royal Necropolis of Thebes, Kent Weeks, Atlas of the Valley of the Kings, Nicholas Reeves and Richard Wilkinson, The Complete Valley of the Kings, and Carl Nicholas Reeves, Valley of the Kings: the Decline of a Royal Necropolis. A number are also mentioned in the early publication from the Davis’ Expedition in the early 1900’s. However, if we narrow our definition of epigraphy to complete and systemized documentation, no matter the epigraphic method, and search for publication as a sole book, as opposed to a journal article in which a full publication is not feasible, then we find a very limited number of tombs which fit this definition. My research has discovered a total of 4 publications fitting this criterion.
On the scale of complete publication, none surpasses Alexandre Piankoff’s The Tomb of Ramesses VI from 1954. Other publications which fit the criteria established above. These include Erik Hornung’s Das Grab des Haremhab im Tal der Könige from 1971, a dual…

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