Essay on The Vaccination Of Infants And Children Since The 1940s

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Since a decade ago, the public has been presented with large quantities of information regarding the safety of vaccines. Amongst the many reasons for this is the great success of routine, universal immunization of infants and children since the 1940s. This policy has wiped out previously common, dangerous, crippling, and potentially fatal diseases. At the closing of the last century, immunization was acknowledged as the finest achievement for the United States’ public health in the twentieth century. (Bartlett BL, 2009, March/April). Modern vaccinations are much safer and more closely regulated than previous ones, which sometimes were just an injection of infected material directly from an animal. Vaccines are extensively tested to prove that they are safe and that they work before the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will approve them for use in America. Amongst these trials are clinical tests in which groups of vaccinated people are compared with a “control” group (either a different vaccine or a control placebo). If a vaccine proves to be effective and safe for its intended purpose it is approved by the FDA. After approval, the FDA and Center for Disease Control (CDC) continually monitor the safety of vaccines. Vaccines have been used for over two centuries and they have been proven through countless studies to be one of the safest and most effective medical procedures.
A claim made by the anti - vaccination community is that vaccines are not always effective. It is…

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