The Uv Mentor Program At Uvu Of Which I Am A Member Essay examples

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The UV Mentor Program at UVU of which I am a member is a part of The Department of Student Success and Leadership Studies. The mission of the UV Mentor Program is to maximize student opportunities for leadership in and facilitation of self-knowledge and self-awareness, academic learning strategies and study skills, student socialization and engagement. The mentors are a group of peers who partner with faculty to help students make the transition into college. Each mentor is assigned a class to attend where they collaborate with and support the instructor; contribute in the planning and facilitation of class; and provide classroom, group and individual mentoring to students. Mentors have five roles they are taught to fulfill for their students which are:
• Trusted friend.
• Learning coach which helps teach fundamental skills and strategies to help students achieve academic success.
• Student advocate which protects the best interests of their students. They may help students become familiar with services that provide support, help with policy solutions, offer accessibility options and more.
• Connecting link which provides opportunities to discover new interests, activities, friends, available resources, etc.
• Peer leader which works collaboratively with others, demonstrates academic success, and inspires others to follow their example. My personal mission statement as a mentor is to continue learning and growing as a mother, friend, mentor, and person; to encourage…

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