The Uses Of Five Senses Essay

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Humans rely on the use of five senses to understand the world around us; taste, touch, sight, hearing and smell. One of the most used in our daily life is sight. Just take a moment and think about every thing you have seen since you got up this morning. Although you might not know it there is a complex proses of perceiving being done by your eyes each time you open them. Everyday our brains are overwhelmed with all of the images provided by our eyes. So how do we make sense of what is important and what is not?
First its important to understand exactly what is happening when we look at something. Vision is defined as the process of detecting electromagnetic energy that is around us. Humans only have the ability to detect only a small fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum. Your eyes are made up of many parts that work together to create images. The cornea is a translucent, protective covering around the eye it first part the begins to focus the incoming light. The light then passes through the pupil, a small opening in the center of the eye. Surrounding the pupil is the iris. This is the colored part of your eye that is responsible for regulating the light intensity that comes in contact with the pupil by constricting or dilating. For example, if you walk outside on a sunny day from a dark room you might find yourself squinting for a few seconds until your iris dilates adjusting to the greater amount of light. The lens is a structure located behind the pupil that focuses…

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